TransMagic PowerPacks

TransMagic PowerPacks allows for complete design freedom, control and quality. From within your favorite design foundation, work on ANY files supported by TransMagic. The translation step is automatic- view your file in seconds! TransMagic PowerPack allows you to utilize your design features as well as TransMagic features such as MagicSuface, creating the best quality file for your design. Ready to save?! TransMagic PowerPack allows you to save out to any file supported by TransMagic, too!

Now available for SolidWorks and Inventor!

TransMagic PowerPacks allow you to translate, import, edit and save out files seemlessly from within the comfort of your favorite design software. The PowerPacks are available as a plug-in for Inventor and SolidWorks.

Convenience, Versatility - A Tool to Design and Accomplish

TransMagic PowerPacks are TransMagic products and features integrated into the design software platform. From within the Inventor or SolidWorks menu, view your TransMagic options, tools and features. Instead of running two programs, now design everything within one.

Conquering Interoperability

TransMagic supports various files, read and write versions. Now, you are able to open TransMagic supported files from within your design program. It is as easy as "Open," and "Select." Integrated with the designer in mind, TransMagic PowerPacks are convenient, easy and produce quality results. Create your files using TransMagic features to insure high quality, and high control.

PowerPack for SolidWorks

TransMagic's PowerPack for SolidWorks guarantees the high quality features of TransMagic available within the SolidWorks Menu. Now, it is as easy as "File - Open" and "File - Save."

Have the assurance of quality and control. TransMagic PowerPack for SolidWorks is a GOLD level Partner Product.


PowerPack for Inventor

Now available TransMagic PowerPack for Inventor. Have freedom, control and quality with TransMagic PowerPack for Inventor - a Inventor 2011 Certified product.