As project schedules and budgets continue to get shorter and tighter, automatic drawing production is a key element to increasing productivity and lowering costs. Automatic drawings generated from 3D models are created in a fraction of the time previously spent and they accurately and consistently reflect model conditions. Drawings are one of the best ways to communicate design information.

OrthoGen from 3DS Net, Inc. has been used at over one hundred sites around the world during the last 13 years on hundreds of projects to produce thousands of drawings for all disciplines on petrochemical, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, power, offshore, mining and minerals, and shipbuilding projects.

Over the years our support team has proven to our customers that we will do whatever it takes to make automating your drawing production effort as successful and profitable as possible. Below are some useful features of OrthoGen and how it can help reduce time by producing drawings faster and easier than ever before.


Making Information Available on the Job.

OrthoView combines the power of OrthoGen's multi-discipline annotation functionality with OrthoView's interactive model clipping capability. Drawing view volumes and orientations are defined interactively and instantly annotated with desired discipline information. OrthoView's simple interface and portable dataset and/or a SmartPlant Review dataset allows it to be used by anyone, anywhere. Our latest features are listed below.

OrthoGen, a complete redesign of OrthoGen, incorporating the best ideas from the last 13 years.

OrthoGen is available for SP3D, PDS and PDMS with an option of CAD adapter functions to output in standard formats (AutoCad and Microstation).


•Spreadsheet lookup of SmartPlant
•Instrumentation data
•Generates Pipe to Steel dimensions
•New Pipe label formats
•Automatic labeling of flow arrows
•Labels component sizes and bottom of pipe
•Labels sloped pipe BOP's at matchline intersections
•Two line column grid labels
•New interior white space Equipment labeling option
•New SDIconfig Utility simplifies management of drawing definitions
•Vector Processing now supports 256 colors